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Hi all,


Currently enjoying my recently upgraded system – AVI Lab Series CDp, Integrated amp and Duo speakers but think maybe I could improve things further. Music can sound a bit bright at times and there isn’t as much bass as I’d like. I have already contacted AVI about the bass issue and was told that it was a matter of my ears adjusting to a better quality of low frequency reproduction, my last speakers having been “boomers” and exaggerated the bass notes. This is fair enough, the speakers are fairly dynamic but I’m not sure the system is performing to its optimum.


I am fully aware of the debates regarding system running-in times, and the arguments that electronics need time to reach their best (not an idea I subscribe to) and speaker drivers take time to loosen up (this makes more sense as it’s a mechanical issue) however there are three areas where I feel I might be able to make improvements, any comments/recommendations would be welcome –


1)      My speaker cable is a generic ofc multi-strand type – is anybody else using one of the more expensive cables successfully with this system? (eg Chord Odyssey 2) – again I am aware of the raging debates regarding cables and the ridiculous “burn in” issue.

2)      My hifi is sitting on a shelf which at the moment is not as stable as it could be – I am in the process of sorting this out – could this make much difference to the sound quality in respect of vibration, isolation etc?

3)      My speakers are sitting on granite plinths spiked to a suspended timber floor and there are a lot of hard surfaces in the room, the ceiling is 3.6 m high – would this have an affect also?


I have also toyed with the idea of buying a subwoofer (Velodyne Microvee) but not sure if it will be overkill for music only duties.


I hope to borrow some cables so that I can decide myself if there is any merit in an upgrade to Chords.





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