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Interim Upgrade

Hi Guys,

As most of you are probably aware I am now looking to upgrade my main (AV) system with the addition of an amp and CD player and have decided to spend somewhere in the region of £1000 to £1500, this is more than the original £600 to £800 I initially suggested, but I am hoping that this will reap wider benefits and may even allow me to go down the power and pre-amp road, also allowing me to bi-amp my Castle speakers.

My problem is that I need to wait for funds, but don't thinks my ears can wait that long.....in the interim I am looking at picking up a second hand Audiolab 8000a off a well known auction web site, but I am not sure what CD player would be a good match for this. I also want to tray and keep this as cheap as possible.

At least I have plenty of time to listen to a variety of systems for my main upgrade next year.



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Re: Interim Upgrade

opera ,spark,shanling.....many chinese cd players are good and cheap

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