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How are DAC's rated?

Hi all,

 I'm somewhat confused here and in need of a boffin to explain how this works, in layman's terms...

I know what a DAC is and how it works in principle - the bit i'm stuck on is, what makes one DAC better than another?

I have a cambridge d300se which i know has a Crystal DAC, and i have been lead to believe it is either 20 or 24 bit? I've just purchased a marantz cd player cd6000ose ltd ed, which i have been informed was much more expensive to purchase when new than the cambridge i have, yet the DAC on this is only 1-bit?

SO, surely the processing power/speed/other cannot be a good? And if so, why was this player nearly £100 dearer to buy?

If anyone helps me with this i'll buy them a carrot for xmas Smile


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Re: How are DAC's rated?

The bit rate of the DAC is essetially the base 2 logarith of how many levels it can output. i.e a 1 bit DAC can output 2 levels and a 24bit DAC - over 16 million levels. The sampling rate (frequency), is how many times the DAC is how fast it is sampling the information. Essentially the cost comes down to what type of DAC is used.

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