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HELP please! Amp & speaker advice required.

:wave: :wave: Hello!

Very much a novice to this stuff. Will keep it simple. 

Have 1x technics 1210 mk2 turntable. I am searching for an amp and speaker set up to complete 

the system. I am not sure what best suits vinyl.

Budget £500-£800 for both speakers and amp.

Will be played in a 4mx4m room.

Type of music funk/blues/hip hop/downbeat so quite eclectic.


After some research through various sites including whathifi I have

come up with these potential set up's.

yamaha AS-500 or a marantz pm6004

with either the monitor audio bronze BX2 or KEF Q100 or Tannoy dc6 or arcaydis DM1

Im digging the yamaha with the monitor speakers, although heard that the monitors and amp 

put out a very detailed sound which may be a bit much playing through vinyl?

I know I should go to a shop and listen to different set up's, any suggestions for somewhere in london?

Should I be spending more on amp or speakers or similar?

I hope someone can steer me in the right direction!! Thanks heaps for reading.

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RE: HELP please! Amp & speaker advice required.

Welcome to the forum

Yes, you are best going to dem some amps and speakers because all amps and speakers have their talents, but they will voice the music differently.

What area of London are you located? 

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RE: HELP please! Amp & speaker advice required.

I'm not sure how good the phono stage is on the Marantz 6004 but on ethat is good is the Rega although about £500 or you could look for some used amps like Arcam 9  which are around £200. Or the Arcam 10 with the optional phono stage fitted.

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RE: HELP please! Amp & speaker advice required.

What you have listed is good kit but but from what I have heard of it the Rega Brio-R looks to be 'tuned' to work very well with a vinyl source (as you might expect from a Rega) but apparently the Rotel RA-10 has a cracking phone stage too, and it should be cheaper than the Rega.

Would suggest that you get out there and get a demo of these the two that you have listed and these other two as well.  Use the reviews as an istial filter and then trust your ears.

In terms of speakers it sounds like you need front ported ones rather than rear facing ports.  There are a whole host of excellent speakers in your price range...personally I would go for the KEF Q100 or Q300 (bassier)...but then I am biased Wink or the MA Bronze BX2s...but avoid the Tannoy DC6s as they a rear ported (assuming that I am correct about your likely siting needs).  Have heard the BXs but not the DC6s...and I went for the KEFs.

And don't forget to budget for some reasonable interconnects as the right one can really gel a system.

Hope that helps?






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