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Help please

Hello, im looking to put back in use my Rotel ra 971 mk2 and B&W 602 S2 so im looking for matching CD player and turntable. I have Audioquest type 6 speaker cables and Audioquest Turquoise interconnects. I listen mostly Jazz, guitarists like Jeff Beck, Steve Vai etc etc as well as some electro music... When i purchased that Rotel and B&W's back in 2000 the best budget CD player was Marantz cd 63, 66 ki signature etc etc as it was regarded perfect to calm down the dynamic open sound of Rotel. As you probably know this Rotel doesnt have phono input so im looking for matching turntable with phono pre outs or maybe i should buy separate phono pre amp as Rotel RQ-970? Any suggestions? Im more oriented in buying new CD player(Marantz, Denon?) and used turntable. I have limited budget to spend so i cant buy Marantz cd 6004 from new or some new Rega turntable. Cheers.

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RE: Help please

Hi Martian,

That's a great amp/speaker combo!

You might get a good price on a Marantz CD5003/5004. Very good players if the 6004 is out of reach...

I would also recommend secondhand NAD C541i or Marantz CD6000 OSE (not at all biased, there.). I've owned a '971mk2 with 601s3s, fed with a Roksan Kandy mk3- I sold the Rokky and bought the '6000 OSE. To this day I remain impressed. 

They go for about a ton on the usual sites. Be wary of ridiculously cheap buy-it-nows, though. I reckon I'd probably go secondhand CD, new vinyl. Pick a ProJect turntable, probably the Genie 2 or Genie 3- and a Phono Box. This is stretching your budget a little, but I believe the results would be worth it!





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RE: Help please

Hi Jon and thank you for your usefull reply !

I agree with everything you've suggested, i am/was a bit reluctant on buying used cd player as i've had bad expeience with used cd players, almost everyone that is selling used cd player is doing it because something is wrong with it, oldish laser, dac transport etc etc so(in most of the cases) you need to repair it shortly after buying it. Im going to check out all the models you've suggested, should end up with buying some of them. I have noticed you didnt mention Denon as cd player option, since i've never owned/heard Denon cd players, are they not exaclty Rotel's-B&W's cup of tea? And 2 more things, i've bought this Rotel and B&Ws from new together back in 2000, i have enjoyed them untill 2003( with Teac cd-P3500, 5 What hi-fi stars back then, now its dead, laser, transport, i have no idea) and then i had to put them back in their carton boxes and plastic bags, sealed as they were to this day, so should i perform some burn in or other "rituals" as they were never used for 9 years now? And 2nd thing, as you probably know this Rotel has pre-outs, so should i consider buying some power amp mono blocks to improve the sound or its not worth it? Cheers

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