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I just got a pair of q acoustics concept 20 speakers, and while i was just testing the foam things you insert in the back of the speaker, it somehow got stuck so i couldnt get it out. Then i tried to pick it out but it kept going longer inside the speaker.


Does this have an negative effect on the speaker? make it sound worse?


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RE: Heeeelp.

It will effect the sound for sure you could try sucking it out with a hoover you may have to modifie the nozzel good luck with that

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RE: Heeeelp.

Can you reach in with tweezers?

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RE: Heeeelp.

Take the woofer out to get to it. Tighten it back carefully like a pipe flange/ head gasket. 


Just googled your speakers, looks like the whole front comes off with a star bit? 

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RE: Heeeelp.

Yes you can gain access from the front, far easier than trying to get it back through the hole! These speakers have been designed to be serviced, so with care you should be able to get the driver out easy enough.

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RE: Heeeelp.

Wire coat hanger modded?

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RE: Heeeelp. RE: Heeeelp.

bluedroog wrote:

Wire coat hanger modded?

       I'd try for the patent on that .............:)

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