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Fatman Fatboy

Has anyone heard the Fatman Fatboy speakers? Im looking for a pair of speakers to stand on a desk to pair with my Rotel RA-04, and these might fit the bill.

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Re: Fatman Fatboy

Hi there,

We reviewed these back in the April issue, when they got an enthusiastic four-star review.

We praised them for being flexible about positioning (which should suit desktop use just fine), and having a big, fluid and energetic sound. Our only slight gripe was a lack of accuracy at the bottom end and some bite at the top.

So, basically, you can buy a more purist sound for your money, but these are one of the most dynamic, exciting speakers we've heard at the price. All depends whether it's an invigorating or relaxing listen you're after!

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Re: Fatman Fatboy

 Thanks for that Clare. Unfortunately no local suppliers carry these speakers, and Id really like to get a demo before I got them. I guess I could just take a gamble though Smile

Do you know of any similar speakers which would sit on a desk okay? I was tempted to get the MA BR 2's or maybe the Wharfedale Diamond 9.1's (as there a little smaller than the BR2's) and sticking them on the desk, but I dont want to ruin the sound by not stand mounting them.

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