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Equipment Connection Help

Hi there, I currently have two set-ups in my home studio.  One is for production which comprises of KRK rp5's and KRK s10 sub.  The other is for DJ'ing and is a Yamaha As500 Amp running into a pair of monitor Audio Rx1's.  Both are connected to the KRK ERGO Room Correction System.

I'd like to be able to share the sub between systems.  I currently don't use it for DJ'ing.  I was thinking of keeping the production set-up as is (ERGO to SUb to Monitors using XLR inputs/outputs of the sub), and then running the second ERGO output into the rca sub inputs and the the rca outputs of the sub into the Yamaha Amp.

I realise this isn't as intended and potentially could cause some serious problems/damage if both inputs of the sub were active at once.  However, assuming the ERGO switches it's output as intended only one signal would be active at a time.

Is this possible?

Many Thanks in advance.