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Dilemma regarding upgrade path

I'm on the horns of a dilemma, and as that is a painful place to be, I wondered if I could elicit any suggestions from the forum members.

My current setup is an Audiolab 8200cdq with a Bel Canto Evo 2 Power Amp and Mordaunt Short Avant 916i floorstanders. These are now sitting in my garage conversion which is approximately 15ft x 9 ft.

Acoustic and uncomplicated music is excellent with great detail and dynamics, but putting on something a little more raucous shows a lack of body and a bit of an unpleasant 'sheen' to the music. As rock is my main diet, I am looking to keep the dynamics but temper the top end and add a little more deep bass, which I think would help give me more of the sound I am looking for.

Obviously, the speakers are the weak link, but I am unsure of the best way forward. I think the combination of the Audiolab and the Bel Canto are maybe over-controlling the sound somewhat, but I am keen to avoid a 'nice' presentation.

The options I came up with were :-

1. Upgrade the speakers (considering the room size, I am thinking bookshelf speakers may be a better bet than floorstanders, but I still can't help linking bass with speaker size. I shortlisted the Tannoy DC6T, DC6TSE, Totem Arro, PMC Twenty.22, PMC Twenty.23 as possible starting points, but am obviously open to ideas (hence the post).

2. Possibly swap the Bel Canto for a couple of Audiolab 8200MB amps, and upgrade the speakers, but I am not sure whether this would add more of the same control, which would defeat the object of the excercise.

3. Bin the power amp and go active - ie PMC DB1s AII (as a starting point).

I have tried different interconnects and speaker cables, but they have not made the changes that I need.

Price-wise, I would prefer to stay around the 2K mark, but can, potentially, go up to around 4K.


Any advice would be most appreciated as I am really unsure where to start.

Thanks in advance.