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Demo Impossible?

I am currently looking at making changes to my study (3.1 * 2.9 m) so that I can work but listen to stereo music at the same time.  What HiFi recommend demo's before buying, which I concur with.  The problem is that Cambridge Audio is only sold at RicherSounds therefore trying to partner say a Azur 640 V2 CD player with a Rotel RA 04 Amp and some Monitor Audio BR2's is a little difficult/impossible. 

Any help / suggestions would be appreciated.  If anyone has any other suggestions for the AMP / CD / Speaker setup, please feel free to post them Smile


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Re: Demo Impossible?

The Azur/Rotel/BR2 combo will work really well together. If you want more suggestions for system building, look out for the new Ultimate Guide to Hi-Fi that goes on sale June 21st. It includes 350 recommended products and numerous suggestions for suitable amp/cd/speaker combos, as well as all our Best Buys.

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Re: Demo Impossible?

Thanks for the info Andy, will look out of the Guide. Still scratching my head with how to get round the demo problem, think it will be a case of buy the CD player then take it to demo the other kit.

Like the forum BTW!

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is it the interconnect

i have this setup and the drums  and the bass seem slow.iam using the name connection.  thanks

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