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Cyrus Signature

I have recently come into some money an have upgraded to signatures over my former Pre XP dQX and 4 Mono X's. I have also switched to XLR from RCA interconnects  I have only had them a few days  so things may yet improve.

Initial observations: 

By far the biggest change is in the bass, much more depth and the sound of the bass has improved, not just low notes but musical instruments making low notes. Large organs sound wonderful!! Just so much better than Mono X's.

The mid range is less cluttered especially in complicated orchestral music. Instead of a wall of sound I hear lots of discrete sounds. Some tracks make more sense than they used. I am sure I am getting closer to what was originally intended by the artist, composer, producer.

The top end remains similar to what it was before although at lower volumes there is more detail and I can hear previously unheard nuances.

Overall the Signatures produce a much more convincing sound and I am very pleased. Smile

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RE: Cyrus Signature

I'm delighted for you......and I'm a huge believer in the importance of amplification and the difference it can make.

Enjoy.  :beer: :beer: :beer:

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RE: Cyrus Signature

Jammy so-and-so.




PS I'm still looking for investors for my South Pole llama farm project....

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