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RE: Combine or separate

I've had my modest Denon and KEF 5.1 system in the same room as my stereo because there was enough space. But I never really used the AV much and it was nowhere near the stereo in sq. having heard a couple of decent AV setups, including the magazine's own, I can imagine the top AV gear can sound good on music, but in my head I still think surround is for explosions and helicopters, but stereo is for music!

A blinkered view, I know.  

So my answer s it really depends on your kit, but as you seem yo be much more music than cinema I wonder if you've tried cinema in 2.0 which I find quite satisfying. 

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It took me some time but I

It took me some time but I have ditched the Sony AV system and have plugged the digital-out from a new Blu-Ray player into the SA8005 digital-in.  It works really well.  Ok you don't get proper surround sound or the subsonic effects but I could rarely use those to full effect anyway living in an apartment block.  The R700s sound great so I am happy.


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For convenience I'd keep them

For convenience I'd keep them separated if you can, If they're in separate rooms.

For those days when you want to be alone.

If they're in the same room then combine them 5.1/7.1 stereo sounds good through full range speakers.

Sub not required.

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Covenanter wrote:I listen to

Covenanter wrote:
I listen to music maybe 2 to 3 hours a day on average and use the AV maybe once a week to watch/listen to a DVD

Keep the hifi and buy one of the new fangled soundbars / soundbases for your occasional AV sound duties. Looks much neater.

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