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cd to ???

Hi i need a device where i can copy all of my cd's into one box and get rid of the stack of cd's i have theres lots . I have looked at multiplayers that hold 60 and even 100 cds but these are big bulky and somewhat aged by now i dont know the correct name for this device so any help with that and any recomendations would be great


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RE: cd to ???

Have a look at this




We have a simillar device at work, not this but does the same.



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RE: cd to ???

Music streamer is what you need. With integrated hard-disk is quite rare, such as Cocktail Audio X10. Most peeps rip to a NAS from Synology, Thecus, Vortexbox etc. and then stream to a player, such as from Sonos, RoomPlayer, Linn, Cyrus, Naim etc.

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RE: cd to ???

Just be aware that once you dispose of or sell your original CDs you no longer have the right to use/listen to the content.

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RE: cd to ???

Thanks for the replys whilst i type this im reading latest edition of the mag with the future of hifi article which has just what im looking for as i want it to connet to my existing hifi until i upgrade the whole caboodle but as they say "if it aint broke.." i looked at the brennan and although it has a good review i dont want to buy a mini hifi which is what it is basically. quite interested in going with naim units

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RE: cd to ???

I rip to pc, copy to 128gb usb stick as FLAC. Then plug into amp, seagate theatre, kitchen mini hifi, tablet or car. One cheap versatile solution.

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RE: cd to ???

I rip everything as FLAC to an external hard drive and then hook it up to my dedicated windows pc, which is connected to a DAC and then to amplifier. I just do not like streaming and don't need it now, so prefer direct connection between pc and hard drive. The same will work when using laptop as transport, or connecting hard drive to any usb enabled streamer/player from CA, Naim, etc depending on your budget.


Alternatively if you don't like hard drives you can use servers with built it cd ripper, like Wyred4Sound Music Server. Olive can do much the same. Options are plenty right now, a lot depends on your budget, preference, system setup, etc.

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