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CA Minx Go bluetooth issue

Ok im basically looking for peoples experience with this product and how they have found the level of bluetooth noise? i have this devide less than a wk and from first use i experience a popping from the speakers while connected using bluetooth. this only occurs while idol and not actually playing audio. but it is seriously annoying during the downtime. im just curious if others get the same level of bluetooth interference? i have tried 2 diferent phones connected to the device and both experience the problem. and another thing to note is that i have an lg soundbar with bt and it gets no interference at all while connected to it via bluetooth. finally there is no issue what so ever while connected using the aux cable.

Thanks in advance.


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RE: CA Minx Go bluetooth issue

It shouldn't do that. Bluetooth is digital, so you can't pick up interference via the bluetooth link. If you pick up interference, it's probably in the speaker circuitry. If it always pops when idle, regardless of your location, send it back.

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