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B&W's floorstanding 683 speakers

   Sorry for my bad writing, but i write from Spain.I´d like buying it, but before, I´ve read that the last "what hifi" analizes that speakers, but this review will arrive to Spain in march or april.Please, coul anyone tell me about the commentaries and how much stars get?.Thank you and greetings from Spain.  

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Re: B&W's floorstanding 683 speakers

I havn't read what hifi' s comment on the 683 yet.
Although I am a fan of B&W, most comments in Germany about this speaker were not so positive as for the small 685.
I believe that you can buy better speakers for the same price.

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Re: B&W's floorstanding 683 speakers

Cant tell you about What Hi-Fi but Hi-Fi Choice did award them a "gold award" for speakers 500GBP to 1000 GBP commenting that this speaker design will "set the standard for years to come". Sound like pretty high praise to me!

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Re: B&W's floorstanding 683 speakers

We gave the B&W 683s a good solid four stars. Here are the for, against and verdict comments:

For - Goes very loud; great at large-scale dynamics; sonic authority is deeply impressive

Against -  Lacks cohesion; timing could be crisper

Verdict - The 683s do all the big speaker things well. Ideal for those who prioritise muscle and authority above all else.

The two "Also consider" speakers we named in the same price range were Dali's Ikon 6s - not as authoritative as the B&Ws, but fast, agile and better all-rounders - and the Epos M22s, which are more communicative and time better than the B&Ws. 

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Re: B&W's floorstanding 683 speakers

Thank you very much.I,ll think about another option.Maybe Focal Profile 918?.Thereïs a good offert now.

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