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B&W Zeppelin Air RC - reliable site?

So lately I have been looking for a new iPod dock and have been considering the Zeppelin Air, but its price seems a bit steep. I noticed they do a Recertificated version, for £100 less but apparently in similar condition to the full priced product. Can anyone vouch for this? Is it just the case of a cosmetic defect?

Mainly, I found a site called hifigear selling it for just £299 which is exceptionally cheap, so can anyone vouch for this site? £200 less than the full price seems extremely cheap, the website seems to have mainly positive reviews but a few state a broken product arrived, or that they were overcharged. Is it a genuine offer or is it a dodgy supplier? 

Thanks in advance

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RE: B&W Zeppelin Air RC - reliable site?

Hi EIIJW, I recently purchased a RC Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air from Hifi Gear, it was in perfect condition, with a 2 year warranty same as a full price Zep, don't think you can go too far wrong but call them before you commit yourself if in doubt.

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