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Blue tack or Spikes

 Heres a question thats puzzled me for a while.

I recently bought Dynaudio Focus 110's and in the box for the Dynaudio stands came spikes which are designed to be used on the mounting plate so they come in direct contact which the speakers.

At the moment i am not using these spikes, instead i am using the old blue tack.

By using the spikes would i notice a step up in performance?

I am more than happy with the 110's but would those little pointy things make a enough of a difference to warrant minor scratches?


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Re: Blue tack or Spikes

 If the Dynaudio people supply them clearly they reckon they're the best option, and they shouldn't cause scratches. Just gently line the speaker up, lower it onto the spikes and give it one thump with the flat of your hand on its top panel to seat it on the spkes.

Mind you, if you have kids around, I'd go for Blu-tack to ensure the speakers can't be pulled off the stands so easily. 

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Re: Blue tack or Spikes

 kids are the issue so the blue stuff stays

Thanks Andrew 

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