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Basic system?

Afternoon all,

I am looking for a very basic system to use in a bedroom in conjunction with some existing speakers. I only really need DAB and an iPod input, and would ideally like to spend £100-200 (Denon's micros include speakers so push beyond that in general). Should I go with a micro and bin the speakers, or maybe try to find an amp with DAB built in?

 Any suggestions would be very gratefully received!



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Re: Basic system?

 Well, Onkyo's CR515 receiver unit is £229 without speakers, and an iPod can be hooked up very simply...

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Re: Basic system?

Thank you.

 What's the entry level for a micro system/amp that is Wi-fi enabled and capable of fishing iTunes off my PC? That would obviously remove the requirement for iPod hookup.

 Many thanks


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