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Audioengine A5+ (defective speakers?)

Hi all,

I have bough those speakers one month ago and I have got a strange problem with them. I put the volume near the maximum then after listening some time (like 15-20 minutes) the volume decreases to something like +-30% and the sound becomes trashy as hell (like when you put maximum volume with high bass music on super low quality speakers). Do you think the speakers are deffective or maybe they must run some time at low volume before being used at higher volume?

Thanks for your opinions/advices! Have a nice day ;).

No idea ??? Is-it possibly linked to overheating?

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I believe that you may

I believe that you may successfully trashed your new speakers by playing them too loud! Why did you think max volume would be a good idea?

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DougK wrote:

DougK wrote:

Why did you think max volume would be a good idea?

Why not? I do play often near maximum volume both my NAD D 3020/Monitor Audio BX2 and Rotel RA-12/Dali Zensor 3 combos and I have no problem at all, they sound perfect, strong, detailed and clean from long time.

It is different if the speaker are poor or cheap like happened to me in the past, and the story is well documented here on this forum.

So he should double check his components even if I think in his case can be fried or the final stage of the amp or some part of the speakers.

Clipping is usually not an option anymore if you do use modern gear: all thise modern gear amps do have anti clipping protection.

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As they're only a month old,

As they're only a month old, they're well within warranty - we'd recommend taking them back to the retailer you bought them for and exchanging them for a replacement. As stated in the A5+ manual, Audioengine does advise running the speakers for 30-50 hours before doing any serious listening, but that's about hearing them at their best, rather than technical advice.

One other point: you mention overheating - where have you positioned the speakers?


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