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Amp + system advice please

First off, i'm new on here so, hello every one!

I've been out of touch with hi-fi for a few years. I have been reading what hi-fi to try and get back up to date, but could do with some help and advice to point me in the right direction!

Our current set up is as follows:

Marantz CD4000

Marantz PM8200 amp

Kef Cresta 2 speakers

QED silver spiral interconnect

QED original speaker cable

We also have the TV (JVC LT-32DX7) PS2 and laptop with i-tunes. (TV and PS2 are not connected, laptop with cheap 3.5mm - twin phono cable.)

The short term problem is the right chennel on the amp has died.

Should i try and get it fixed? (if so where? oxfordshire area?) or should i just replace it?

Thinking about the Rotel RA-04 as a possabilty?

In the long term, what should i be looking at upgrading and any sugestions? (staying as a stereo set up, rather than going to home cinima.)

Looking at the Air port express for the laptop.

Thanks for looking,


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Re: Amp + system advice please

 make sure it's the amp not the speakers - try swapping over the speaker cables.

make sure it's not the interconnects - try swapping these over

check it's not the CD player with some interconnects known to be good

contact Marantz on 01753 860868 or contact the service agents for further advice.

If  none of that works, then maybe the Rotel would be a good bet.

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