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amp & speakers
as per title looking for an amp and a pair of speakers, budget £1500 - £2000. The room is small about 4m x 3m. 

All of my music comes downloaded from the internet played on my macbook via itunes(dont know if i need a dac as well?), which mainly consists of D&B, Old School Hip Hop, Ghetto Funk, Rock all sorts. thanks 

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RE: amp & speakers

Yes a Dac will be essential ...its a difficult one this as you will get 92 different ansers as every body has different tastes  what type of music do you listen to? How do you like it to sound ? I like mine not to bright or I find it fatiging .I all so like my bass to be tight with sume punch and extend deep....if its on the recording I want to hear it...so that why I have floor standers ...so what I am saying we may need a bit more info




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RE: amp & speakers

If it were me I would snap this up http://www.creative-audio.co.uk/HD.php?_CYR_8DAC_&CAT=&ID=8438&ns= then start auditioning speakers.

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RE: amp & speakers

Depending on the functionality you require ! would look for a decent dac/preamp, though you could easily manage with a good but inexpensive USB dac.

Google Epiphany Edac, Matrix Mini I and Audiolab Mdac for a range of options.

Then, given your musical taste, I would use one of them to drive either a pair of Adam A8x or Mackie HR824-2 active monitors.

Check them out  here.



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RE: amp & speakers

I suggest having a listen to Arcam's iRDAC (£400) together with either the Arcam A19 amp (£650) or the Rega Brio-R (£480). As for speakers you can't go wrong with Acoustic Energy's AE301s (£425) or the Q Acoustics Concept 20s(£350). Don't forget to budget for decent speakers stands. Custom Design's FS104 Signtaures (£200ish) are good for the AE and the similarly priced  dedicated stands for the Concept 20s. 

Ketan Bharadia

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