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Advice please

Hi Folks,

Brand new member, middle-aged technophobe, not abreast of all the latest techy hi-fi extras, in need of your expert advice & perception please;  

I have an ARCAM 8R amp; DENON DCD835 cd player & a pair of MISSION 702e speakers (& £150 worth of speaker cable!! - well, it cost that in 2000), dusted and wiped down out the cupboard, a year after we completed some renovations on the house.  I'm contemplating assembling them in a decent sized kitchen/family room, now wooden-floored.  We have a SAMSUNG UE 5520 Smart TV on the wall in this kitchen/sitting area and we're in here most of the time.

These items were purchased as a package deal from Richer Sounds at the turn of the century & the sound is just immense.  I'm loathe to get rid of them for an i-pod dock, but then again perhaps some of you would convince me that I have to?  

Can it be linked some way to the TV?  I do have a turntable so I can get round to transferring my 200+ vinyls on computer, but my kids wouldn't want the sight of that around too.

Any techy advice should be easily explained for the likes of me.  Thanks folks.