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!80 g Vinyl

I have just played my newly purchased from EIL.com (Excellent Service) 180g BacktoBlack copy of Frampton Comes Alive and am stunned. I could have been in the front row. This is the first LP I have bought since 1986.
I only had a cassette copy of this before and have only heard it once (On headphones off Spotify) in the last 25 years and am wondering if I have finally bought something which shows how good my TT and Phono Amp are.
As far as I can see this is not a re-mastered copy, but a 180g copy of the original and am astounded at the quality, although I wonder whether the presentation is a fraction forward, or is that how it should sound being a live recording and new pressing technology has allowed this to show through and I am not used to it. Does anyone have a copy of the original and this?
I also wonder whether the forward presentation is due to my cartridge which I wanted to be open and revealing when I replaced it and the LP has shown this up slightly.
I’ve also just played my original copy of Brothers In Arms (bought in 1985) and although this sounds good is seems to lack something compared to the Frampton LP.
Is BacktoBlack 180g vinyl highly rated and is Brothers in Arms and other albums worth getting from there or am I talking cobblers? Am I allowing the quality of the music to influence my perception of the sound quality?
It’s a shame my son was upstairs as I could only turn the amp up to halfway between 9 and 10 o’clock but did it sound good. He has an electric guitar so we have to compromise.
Has anyone got the 5.1 DVD copy of Frampton Comes Alive and is it worth getting?

I apologise for asking a surround question on the HiFi forum.
Posted this on here as I’m not sure Chebby etc read posts in other sections.



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