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175mm speakers to repair old Monitor Audio 14

First time poster so Hello All!

I bought some hi-fi equipment off of a friend of mine for three hundred pound which consisted of a Sony DVD player, a Sony STR-DB940 receiver, Paradigm centre, rears and active sub and a set of Monitor Audio 14 front speakers.

Currently the centre and rears are unconnected as I'm struggling for room at the moment but I'm soon to move out of a shared house and into a place of mine with a living room in which to set this lot up. Regardless, the fact is that one of the woofers on one of the MA14's has been torn. The friend who sold me the speakers also included a Monacor SPH-175 woofer which he said would fit as a replacement.

Long story short he's a liar and I need a 175mm woofer to fit (the SPH-175 is 177mm, despite its name). I can't find anything suitable anywhere and even Google has no answers. I'd like to buy two so I can replace one of the woofers in the unbroken speaker to keep balance but is that going to be economical over just buying a new set of speakers? It does seem kinda wasteful just to throw them out.

I haven't approached Monitor Audio directly though I have read in other forums that MA stopped doing replacements for this unit a fair while ago.

Many thanks for any advices

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Re: 175mm speakers to repair old Monitor Audio 14

I've found this link http://iq.lycos.co.uk/qa/show/26422/ but it looks like bad news.

Have you tried investigating reconing?

Paper cones can be patched and/or glued, but these look like plastc in the photo I can see.

If those units were also used in another speaker you might be able to buy 2nd hand and swap units. You might even gain a matching centre speaker into the bargain.

There's a pair on EBay for 180 inc postage which is probably too pricey.

Fire an EMail to MA, they may be able to help. I can't find Monitor Audio listed in http://www.thielesmall.com/database.asp but the driver may have been made for them by somebody else.

If MA provide the Thiel Small parameters for you, as well as what crossover frequency and slope is used in the MA14's asking around on diyaudio.com or similar for somebody who knows closest match might be worth a go.

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Re: 175mm speakers to repair old Monitor Audio 14

Many thanks for the infoes, UTM

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Re: 175mm speakers to repair old Monitor Audio 14

Ive fixed many cones and tweeters. Any chance of more detail? a pic perhaps?

it sounds like you need to a patch glueing on. a woft of glue, then a rizla, then another woft of glue to soak in, then a rizla... on n on. you will need to dry out the plastic surface for the glue to take hold. Thats what the first stage application of superglue for greasey plastics is all about. just a tad of cleaning fluid/thinners. Do the repair from the back so its not seen. The added weight will do a little, but that really is a little. Ive never noticed. Changing the entire driver will be a whole world of difference

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Re: 175mm speakers to repair old Monitor Audio 14


I'm not sure this'll be any help, but here goes. Firstly are these MA 14's or Monitor 14 Gold IIs? If you're not sure look at the back plate where it'll say "Gold II" if they are the latter.

If they are Gold II's, then I'm in the same position - a friend of my son's has blown one of my woofers. And there may be others with the same problem, as you can find by searching on Google. As one of your replies states, ther is a pair of 14 GIIs on eBay for £180, which is too much in my view. But I've sent the eBay seller a "question" asking him whether he'd sell parts if the can't sell the pair. Perhaps you could do the same - you never know, it might make it worth his while. I'm not sure I'd want to pay £90 for a half pair, though.

Good luck.

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