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Wireworld USB cables: Ultraviolet or Starlight

dear all, best wishes for a happy new year 2011,

Currently using the Beyer T1 with Nuforce HDP DAC/headamp.

For a laptop connection(i have other music source but laptop is the most convenient,so i do use a USB often), will the

Wireworld Starlight be a significant upgrade from Ultraviolet USB cables?

The starlight cost double and i hope to get an audible step up in sound and not the 1-5% difference which cant be appreciated

most of the time. 

Also how come WHF has not reviewed the Starlight cable up till now? If they did, the Award 2010 for USB may be the Starlight and possibly not the Ultraviolet.

Anyone with experience using both pls give some advice. I am uncertain between the Starlight vs Ultraviolet USB?