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Sennheiser cx-300 ,WHY??!!

Hello Mates,

I have a sennheiser cx-300 which sounds great when i use with Nokia n900 and Dell inspiron 6400 but when i use with my samsung galaxy note or Asus g74sx its sounds so bad and the volume level is very low??

Coudn't understand what's the reason?


Any help much appreciated.



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RE: Sennheiser cx-300 ,WHY??!!

Not sure about the Asus, but I know there were some issues with earlier Samsung phones and upgrade headphones - to do with the headphone socket also being a video output IIRC. The phones worked fine with bundled buds, but not many other headphones. Maybe that's the same with the Note?

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RE: Sennheiser cx-300 ,WHY??!!

you need this app:



its a an audio booster for headphones. i use on my galaxy s2. Known issue that volume is low on some of the samsung devices!



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RE: Sennheiser cx-300 ,WHY??!!

Thank you very mch Clare and Bobby,the app look's great .

As Clare also said there should be some reason it's not compatible with Asus laptops even though they have SPDIF out put too.

Thinking of buying Klipsch Image X10 headphones any idea is this headphone compatible with samsung note ? and found a cheap price from this site,but not sure it's genuine!!



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