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Rega rp3, Lehmann Audio Rhinelander, Lehmann Audio Black Cube Phono Amplifier, and AKG Q701 headphones

Hey all as you can probably see i'm new here.

am auditioning the setup mentioned above in two days time and am interested in whether somebody else has tried the same combination? its a starting system with upgrades planned in the future (something im also interested in your opinions on, including turntable, headphones, etc).

at the start this will do me i think from what ive read. in the end id like to end up with a rega p7, lehmann decade phono amp, lehmann linear usb headphone amp, and grado statement headphones (i dont need the best of the best, anything sounds amazing when its new and better than what you had before).

any advice? i like a warm sound OR a clear sound, so as long as its one or the other im fairly happy...

also i love how comfortable ANY pair of AKG headphones are.

the only alternative im seriously considering is a different headphone amp but it would HAVE TO BE valve. and also not too expensive. my budget for all is about $3000 aud (approx 2000 GBP)

also, this is my bedroom system next to my comfiest chair...

thanks in advance for your opinions