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Quality headphones needed


I wish to buy a good quality set of headphones which i can use to listen to music while my kids are watching TV. Therefore, they shouldn't be too leaky. I have a decent system - Roksan Kandy amp and CD - and I prefer to listen to classical, acoustic, jazz, folk, low-fi. I dont need booming bass! I suppose I can spend up to £200. Are closed back headphones the best option and which are the best? I live in a rural community and so find it difficult to audition.




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Re: Quality headphones needed

Hi, it would ddefinitely appear that closed backed are your only option. You want it so there is minimal sound leak and you don't want to hear the TV. You don't like a booming bass and you music taste strongly suggests the AKG K271 Mk II over ear headphone. It wins comparisons over sound leak and isolation and the AKG house sound has a big midrange which suits your music genres. They can be found for just over £100 online, though ebay finds some selling for £160 plus which is way too much.

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