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PS3 Headset Recommendations

Hi, I realise this isn't the PS3 section and it's not really a gaming website but I thought I'd try anyway.

I'm looking for a good quality headset for the PS3. Preferably wireless and it must be 5.1 compatible. I'd like one with a built in mic as well.

I've looked at the Turtle Beach PX5 and the Astro A40. I'm not sure if these are any good and I don't think either are true 5.1.

So has anyone got any recommendations?

Thank you in advance.

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RE: PS3 Headset Recommendations

Hi,I have turtle beach px21 and really do not get on with them. 

They are too heavy, to tight for glasses wearers and the cables are a mess. 

I would really look for wireless. I have gone back to my cheaply Bluetooth handfree kit at the moment. 


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