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Philips SHP-9500 Around-Ear Open-Back Stereo Headphone review
The Philips SHP-9500, a lucky purchase at $60 USD from Massdrop, is fantastic for that price, or even the original $120 - assuming $120 was the original price.  Amazing build, awesome sound and soundstage.  Very comfortable.  Comes with a 10-ft detachable generic cable, which can be replaced with any shorter generic cable with standard miniplugs on each end.  Only real limitation is it's open-back, if portable use is mandated.  The earpads don't seem to be replaceable, but I pulled them off of the plastic backing strip, so tucking the cloth covers back in was a nuisance.  And they're loose now, but usable.  Don't attempt it unless you're good at DIY stuff.



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