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Need help buying Headphones

Im flying up to London this friday and I was thinking once i'm there might aswell treat myself to a new pair of headphones, I quite fancy the B&W P5 but are they really worth the money sound wise? What Hifi just reviewed the P3 and gave them 5 stars while they gave the P5 4 stars, Does that mean that the P3s sound better than the P5s?

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RE: Need help buying Headphones

Hi nigel93, welcome to the forum.


WHF do not just review on sound quality, but price and build as well. The P5s are lovely to behold and wear, but sound quality they can be equalled by much cheaper headphones. But reading the reviews, it would appear the cheaper ones are the better sounding.

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RE: Need help buying Headphones

If you listen to the P5 in a vaccuum it sounds smooth and slightly warm. But if you start listening with a good quality headphone and then switch to the P5, it's quite amazing how bad they sound. I describe that in my Sennheiser PX-200ii review. My wife uses the P5, so we will keep it around. I had another P5 when they first came out, so the sound hasn't changed.

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