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Help! Advice needed

Hi, I don't really know too much about hifi- just trying to get a low budget set up. I bought some q acoustics 1010i cheap on ebay, just looking at hooking them up to a denon dm39dab (which I haven't purchased yet). Would a turntable work through the anolog input? Do I need a preamp for this? Or is it definitely worth blowing my budget and investing in the denon pma 720 and matching CD player? Thanks in advance! 

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You've posted this in the

You've posted this in the headphone section. You will probably get more responses in the hifi section


From my understanding you'd need a phono preamp to hook up a a turntable. Personally I'd go for the PMA 720 if I had the budget and the space, but then again it probably wants better and larger speakers than the 1010i.

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