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Headphone recommedation

I currently want to buy a closed-back on-ear headphones.

- My budget is US$80-120.

- I listen to all genres of music.

- Sound isolated.

- Portable, lightweight, great sound quality, cable length 1.2-1.5 m.

Any recommendation? 

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Latest round up here, but I

Latest round up here, but I don't know the USD prices. 


i use Grado myself, but guess they are too leaky for you.  Otherwise they are great!

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Look at the SoundMAGIC P30 or

Look at the SoundMAGIC P30 or P21, Dale has done a review of the P21 -


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Musical Fidelity MF-100 would

Musical Fidelity MF-100 would be my choice. Great with all genres and supplied with two sets of earpads which actually slightly alter the sound. One is better for rock, one for bass.



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