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Headphone Amplifiers

I was wondering if What Hifi were likely to review some tube amplifiers at some point? The solid state amplifiers I'm interested in are The Lehmann Rhinelander, Fidelity Audio HPA-100. Can anyone recommend some tube amps that are less than £400? How would they compare to the others I mention?


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RE: Headphone Amplifiers

Immediate thoughts are the Little Dot Mark III or IV. The sound should tend to be warmer than solid state with the option of tube rolling to refine to your requirements/preferences. You could try a very cheap one from eBay for around £40 or so.

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RE: Headphone Amplifiers

Here's a respectable brand in the price range. These aren't easy to pick through. Some have tubes only in the preamp stage, others in the output stages. There may be a possibility of changing the sound slightly with dfferent tubes and/or opamps.


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