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Grado SR80i or AKG K550?

I'm after a pair of headphones for home use. These two won in their respective price category at this year's What Hi-Fi awards. But they're both available for around the same sort of price. Does that make the AKGs a no-brainer?

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RE: Grado SR80i or AKG K550?

In case you did not see my response in the main hifi forum:

Yes there is a searate headphone sub-section. Main complaint with the AKGs is lack of or no bass. Also the Senn. Momentums are worth considering although in a different section in WHF rather mixed-up sections, they won overall I believe and you can get them for around £160 if you shop around.


The other big issue, do you require open back or closed back? 

Listen to the music, not the hifi.

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RE: Grado SR80i or AKG K550?

You didn't mention the music genres you listen to. That is important to know at the moment of choosing headphones. 

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