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Faulty Headphones

Hello, bought some Audio Technica ATH-WS55 headphones and after 2 months of use they have developed a rattling noise in the right speaker, kind of like a rattling hiss when the music goes quiet, kind of annoying really. So, I have been told by iHeadphones that because I am out of my 7 day cooling off period that I cannot get a refund but they should be able to replace or exchange them with another model or brand. I have spent £61.99 so that is my budget, the headphones need to be on/over ear and look good and be portable. I wanted to get the AKG K451 but they do not stock them so am looking at Panasonic RP-HTX7 in light candy blue colour as I have heard the black ones look a bit cheep. What are the views on these and are they worth the 5 star reviews?

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RE: Faulty Headphones

To be really honest, headphones in that price range don't generally get the quality of reviews that the mid-priced headphones get, and so the information that's available on Amazon etc. is very iffy. Then trying to match that speculation to your requirements is going to be guesswork, and you probably won't be satisfied with guesses. But anyway, what I usually do is check Amazon U.S. and U.K. for reviews, then click on "newest first" to avoid the house reviews (which should collect at the bottom of the list).

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