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Denon AH-D1100 vs Audio Technica ATH-ES55

I'm struggling to decide between these two sets of headphones. I was initially going to splurge out on the Denon AH-D5000 but considering they will mostly be used with a zen vision m mp3 player (with 320kbps mp3s), i thought it would be a waste. I hope to get a lossless mp3 player at some time, but none of the decent ones like the cowon s9 have enough space for even half my music.

I know what hifi gave Audio Technica ATH-ES55 the award last year but they seem to overlook denon's products which get very fabourable reviews. Has anyone had any experience with both of these cans and which provides the most balanced and natural sound. I'll mostly be using it with rock/band based music, tho once in a while ill throw pop/rap/blues/dance at them. The most important issue are which sound better and more precise/accurate, as i know both sets are comfortable and have fairly decent build quality.

Cheers for the time and advice,


P.S-Does anyone know how the AH-D1100s compare to the AH-D1001s? I hear from some random commenter on a site they are a bit brighter/boomier?