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Buying advice entry level phones

Hi guys


I'm looking for a little buying advice as hours of reading amazon reviews are getting me nowhere.


Budget:£40 at the very most


Use: Mainly long night shifts at work listening to music, working at the PC using on board sound or a mobile phone with 3.5m as a sound source.

However I will be using them in the house at night on my external studio grade soundcards from time tio time so an adapter would be nice

I like to listen to various genres of music at high volume from industrial dance, and bands like a perfect circle, to classic rock, and chill out tracks such as ambient noises or classical, I currently have some impressive Sennheiser in ear buds (not sure of the model as i dont have them on me but they cost £40 on the high street and look like cx300 or similar)

Though i do enjoy that feeling when they create a seal in your ear canal I dont really feel they can deliver the volume i'm after without distorting, I had a go off some top of the line £160 ear buds and still felt the same. Therfore i'm after somthing bigger.

I tried bringing in an old technics RP-f350 i had lying arround and they are comfortable, but i found the listening experience worse than the in ear buds.

There is a little bit of ability in terms of bass but i find they sound muddy and miss the enhanded sensation and clarity you get with the buds that seal your ears.

So im looking for some better headphones more to my taste

I think any phones wont go as loud as i want , as such I was looking for a cheap headphone amp which wil power over ear phones to a decent volume, I saw the Fiio  E5 on amazon which would be convenient but am skeptical if it would be up to the job?

As for the phones themselves I'm looking for somthing with punch which can handle volume and bassy music certainly, but I'd rather add this myself with EQ than have phones which are only good for dance music.

They dont have to be silent but low leakage would be good for a work environment (open back I assume is therfore out of the question)

i like my headphones to feel sealed against my ears like in ear buds do.

i have quite a big head and long hair so adjustability and low "snag factor" is needed.

i was mainly thinking about the Sennheiser 201's or 202's and couldnt decide between them, I dont know if the critical hardware varies between them at all? I notice the 201s are circumaural which id preffer for comfort but if the 202's create a better seal and the slightly higher SPL translates to more volume id probably preffer them.

all that said however id be willing to pay a little more for the same but better quality sound.

I notice Sennheiser have a few pairs on the £25-40 range but have no idea if they are truly better quality than the 201/2 s. I think its quite possible they are more emmersive or have better kick for dance music which is what im willing to pay a lil extra for but im worried they will loose clarity. The last thing i want is overpriced cans targeted at some wanna be DJ, i want overall sound quality all rounders even if my music is dance at times.


I did look at the DH 218 But i assume bigger is better and portability isnt an issue

I did look at the HD 203 aggain i really cant tell the difference between them and the 202 but they've been criticised for being too bass heavy?

I did look at the 205 but i dont think they'll fit and i cant tell if they are ideally punchy for me or the audiophiles are right and they are poor quality just loud and bassy. 


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RE: Headphones, etc.

Sorry for the typos btw.

cant find an edit post button

enhanded =Enhanced,

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RE: Headphones, etc.

Hi, if you get the FiiO it has bass boost, which works well and even though it is tiny it can drive some pretty demanding headphones.

The HD202 is probably too bassy, the HD201 is better and if required use the FiiO's bass boost, but best of all I would recommend the AKG K44.

A quick google suggest you can get both for about £36 (not sure if that includes delivery)

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RE: Headphones, etc.

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