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Best Portable Headphones Out There?

Hello. I'm in the process of choosing portable-mid-size,on ear headphones for my new ipod touch. When it comes to music i don't like to sacrifice sound quality for anything. Even though my budget is limited, i'm willing to pay around $300 for a good pair headphones. I like natural but accurate and bright sound (dont like heavy bass nor annoying treble). I was looking into the B&W P5's, Denon Ahd-1001, Grado 60is to name a few but i haven't try them yet because in can't find them in Puerto Rico  My music preferences are Folk, Soft Rock, Latin and R&B (Alicia Keys, Boyz II Men, Brian Mcknight). Can someone please help me decide. Thanks

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Re: Best Portable Headphones Out There?


Where do u intend to use the headphones? Out in public area, at home, office? The Grado is open cup headphones meaning it will leak the music u listen to and other people can hear it. Not good for public or office use.

And if u will use it in a noisy place, then u might need an noise cancellation headphones.

For quality sound, i personnaly recommend Grado. For the type of music u listen to, it will do great. But if u want more bass, go for a closed cup headphones like Bose or Sennheiser.

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Re: Best Portable Headphones Out There?

When you say portable, does it mean small and needs to fold and be easily carried? The Denon AH D1001 are not very portable and are going to be too bass heavy for you. Of your list the one that leaps out at me are the B&Ws, but you are paying double for what other headphones can do just as well sound wise, for the nice design. However, sound wise they have a nice full midrange, isolate pretty well, don't leak too much sound and are very portable.

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Re: Best Portable Headphones Out There?

When i say portable i mean not bulky headphones. They don't have to fold but they have to sound right, look right and be practical.  They also have to sound great without an amp since i'll be using it with an ipod. Also i dont want them to be noise cancelling nor open. Can you recommend some cheaper than the P5s but greater in sound. Thanks

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Re: Best Portable Headphones Out There?

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Re: Best Portable Headphones Out There?

I intend to use them everywhere i can. But i don't want them noise cancelling nor open if they leak sound like you say. I assume i'll be better off with closed back right? Another thing that i want is clear and punchy sound. I heard the P5s are not that bright and that will be a killer for me. I relly like crystal clear vocals with punchybut not too loud bass. In other words a pretty balanced sound. Tanks

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