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RE: Audez LCD-3s

Wonder if anyone could tell me how these would compare to the Grado PS1000's. As anyone demode them both to give an opinion ?

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RE: Audez LCD-3s

here you can find an interesting review :






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RE: Audez LCD-3s

Nice Website HDPhonic  Smile

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RE: Audez LCD-3s

Never heard the LCD3 and I don't want to because I can't afford them.


I have heard the LCD2 and I can tell you they are just beyond anything I thought was possible in Hifi. I've heard the HD800 and while they where detailed and excellent. They didn't excite me for music unless it was for my game soundtracks.


I just wanted to hook them up toy gaming rig because I know they would be the best at that. The Audeze was a musical masterpiece, the vocals where just haunting and incredible! I can't say if they are life like because I simply don't care they sounded like I had a sexy lady singing into my ear!


When I played something a bit more head banging my ears just smiled because The bass was amazing! I gotta stop talking about these because since I tried them I don't appreciate my gear at all! I'm saving for these The only headphones I have that come close are my 1540 and they are still knowhere near!


Lush, creamy, smooth big, goosebump creating peice of gear.




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