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Xbox 360 Cable Quality

I'm soon to be buying an Xbox 360 but alas, I'm still in the bronze-age when it comes to TV technology. I have a fairly high-quality panasonic CRT television, so HD is out of the question. I was wondering: since I want to get the absolute best quality possible out of my archaic TV - and scart is currently my best quality connection - what cable brand should I go with?

The two best conteders as far as I can see are IXOS and Monster. They both make 360 scart cables that are available through Amazon sellers for a similar price. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with either of these cables, and regardless, which brand would you put more faith in for this type of cable?







Any help is greatly appreciated, I await your advice!


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RE: Xbox 360 Cable Quality


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RE: Xbox 360 Cable Quality

With links to Amazon?

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