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So hows your ps4 then ? As good as you thought ......... Worth the wait ?

Just set mine up as i was lucky enough to reserve one at argos so cancelled my game pre order as still not due to arrive yet lol .

So what do you think of the new ps4 ? Worth the money ? As good as you thought ? Good blu ray player ? Worth the wait ?

Ive just played need for speed rivals but didnt really rate it and was disapointed with graphics and game play . Havent tried a blu ray yet or battlefied 4 but will do . Thought id see what other people opinions were so far ? 

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RE: So hows your ps4 then ? As good as you thought

Loving it - absolutely hooked on Assassin's Creed IV so that Killzone hasn't really had a look in as yet. Plus there's Contrast and Resogun to get to grips with as well (free games available with the PS Plus membership).

Still not tried it as a Blu-ray, but then I was never intending to use it for that purpose anyway.


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