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Virgin Media discounts help

I have Sky & get 25% off the monthly bill. Other people can take multiroom free for a year.


My brother has Virgin media, do they do these discounts too? I rang and they said we can't do anything for you. I'm skeptical.

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RE: Virgin Media discounts help

virgin seem to be looking after their existing customers at the moment better than Sky. I have Sky+ HD but Virgin Phone and broadband. I can have a TIVO box and another HD box in another room with no set up or monthly fee for multiroom. So £60 a month inc line rental for all HD etc. If I wanted movies and football like I have with Sky it would be £85. As I pay £45 to Virgin now and £72 to Sky (inc repair plan) I feel pretty daft for not changing sooner. Tivo has spotify built in too!

Am fed up with the same old movies Sky shows and football on Sky is all about a few teams really so it's getting binned!

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