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Sky HD EPG Question



Have recently got Sky HD - love the service.

One thing that is really winding me up is that the EPG always starts from 101, regardless of what channel you're currently watching.   On every other digital TV interface i've ever used - and I've used some really poor ones -  the EPG will focus to the channel you're watching when you call it up.

It's so frustrating when you're looking through the many channels, find somehing you might want to watch, select it, watch it for a bit, decide to move on to another channel, hit the EPG and you've got to start from the begginning again.    

Even with the genre filter, it's still a pain.   

The work around is to use the iPad/Phone app.but that's not always convenient.

is there a setting I can change to make it less crap?!



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RE: Sky HD EPG Question

No there isn't, the only other option is to use the up and down arrows to flick through the channels nearest to you.

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RE: Sky HD EPG Question



That's really lame!

Or is it just me?     Perhaps I'm too much of a "flicker" - just that when there's nothing on that you specifically want to watch, it's nice to see the planner and jump in and out of it from the same location.



IPad app it is then.


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RE: Sky HD EPG Question

You just type the channel number in. So if you want to start from, say, 143, once the guide comes up just press 143 on your remote. You don't have to flick down through all the channels. 

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RE: Sky HD EPG Question

Thanks - useful tip.  


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