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RF Link


i have a problem with a RF link, it worked ok with a Sky box then the box went wrong, so i had a Sky + box put in, now i have picture but no sound on the tv that is linked to the Rf link, this is only on Sky, when i go off sky to Freeview sound is ok, i have replaced the co-axle cable between the rooms and it is still the same, the Sky engineer tried and even he could not get it to work

So has any one got any ideas what i can do 

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RE: RF Link

Problem Solved

Had to call out a tv bloke and he fixed it in a minute at a cost of £60, all he done was go into the tv menu on the tv that was on the link and alter the sound
That just gos to show how useless Sky engineers are and there tec team as they told the engineer that they had never come across that sort of thing before

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