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Problems With Digital Stream DHR8205U - Help !


My Digital Stream DHR8205U was bought in August 2012 and has served me well since then so I haven't really got around to updating the software.

Sadly, over the past 3 days or so, it has been behaving very oddly. When I turn it on, it doesn't appear to communicate with the TV. If I turn the TV off and then back on, I get a picture which is very pink and with no sound, although the remaining functions of the PVR still work. To resolve this, I have to turn the power off at the back of the PVR (whilst it's still on - not in Standby) and leave it for anything from a few seconds to a few minutes before I turn it back on. This may resolve the issue or I may need to try several times. When I do get it working, it is then fine until it is left in standby mode for any lentgh of time, then I have to repeat the process.

I am fairly sure that it is not a TV issue.

I've tried contacting MIT but it appears that it's gone out of business, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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It doesn´t look very well  Sad I would recommend you to contact experts. I had a similar problem and I contacted experts tv aerial installers and they knew how to solve it.


Good luck! Smile

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