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Old question - best Freeview HD PVR - any new answers?

I am finally in the market for a really good Freeview HD PVR - ease of use and reliable software are top of my list after the usual quality of HD and handling SD content. It must have at least twin tuners, record two watch another as a minimum and if the networking capability (which I need - wired or wireless) is up to transferring recordings all the better. I will faff with USB transfer or recording but my experience of this is not good. Finally Internet stuff is interesting but I expect my new TV to cope with that so it isn't a deal killer.

I was an early adopter with the Pace Twin and replaced that with the current (and so far reliable, just not HD) Sagem DTR-67320T which has all the Freeview Plus stuff - accurate recording etc. - whatever I get has to match the capability of the latter if not surpass it. 

I have seen some reviews - the new-ish Samsung STB-E7500 may be a contender but am I missing any others?

Price isn't really an issue here - quality, reliability being far more important.