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New Sky HD box, new contract ?

I have had problems with my Sky HD box for about 6 months , never turning on or off when asked, recordings failing, seems to have been a constant load of aggro, i spend a £100 a month on my subs and all i want is a box that works.

I have a big row with them, threaten to leave and they still wont replace the box free !! Seems they would rather i went to Virgin !!

However , they agree to let me have a new box for £29 and i went with it .However,,

I have now received a letter and as part of fitting the new box ( to replace the broken one )

they say i have to have a new 1 year contract !!!

Is this right ? Do i have to be obliged to a new minimum contract when i have been with them for 3 years ?

The guy is coming to install in the morning so a quick response would be really appreciated .



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RE: New Sky HD box, new contract ?


If you accept installation and new box you are accepting a new 1 year contract.

On the plus side, you get a shiny new PVR and it'll be under warranty for the term of contract.

Unless you intend cancelling your contract soon, I don't see any issue.




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