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Humax HDR-1010S/1TB Clicks and Pops


I got a Humax HDR-1010S/1TB unit a few months ago and it has been clicking and poping ever since. Humax gave me a replacement but that unit also started to click and pop & there are times of complete picture loss and so far Humax has been trying to blame it on my sat dish. Signal strengh shows up at around 80% and there had been a sky receiver working fine previously. The rest of my system is also okay because it works well through the same HDMI cable but with a blue-ray player.


Would appreciate if anyone's got suggestions or has had similar trouble with freesat receivers.


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RE: Humax HDR-1010S/1TB Clicks and Pops

When I saw the thread title my first thought was signal issues, as popping and cracking is exactly what you get when you have have low/poor quality signal.

So I think Humax could be onto something. What have you done to test?

I would suggest trying your box on a friends/families dish to see if you still get the issue, or try your old sky box, if you still have it on your dish.

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