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Help connecting Sky+ HD


My Mother has just been updated to a new Sky+ HD satelite box as the old one kept freezing. 

After she had it installed the very first time (many years ago) she wanted it so she could watch it in any room As my Mother is disabled she spends sometime in her bed. Sky said she had to have a complete seperate box, dish and bill but she thought that was very expensive so she called an add in the local paper who came and added a white box that connects to the satelite box through an ariel point and with a small widget she can watch all the channels and use the RC from her bedroom (although all rooms has to watch the same channel)

I've just set up the new Sky+ HD box and everything was fine until i went to plug her widget box in the ariel point in the back of the box, only to find out there isn't an ariel point in the back of the box. How can i set it back up the same as it was before? So Mum can watch it in any room.


I really hope this makes sense and i've explained myself well.


Thank you



If you need any pictures of what i meaning please just ask and i'll post them x 


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RE: Help connecting Sky+ HD

Surely all sky boxes have rf1 &rf2 out?

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RE: Help connecting Sky+ HD

The latest revisions of Sky boxes no longer have RF out.

You need the Global iO Link http://www.satbuyer.co.uk/global-io-link-modulator-tvlink-p219.html

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